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Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a cool dip in your own pool. You may have had your pool and spa for
quite a few years and you may feel it's time for a new look. If that statement has your name on it, then we are going
to be a Purrfect fit for your needs.

Purrfect Pools and Construction has been serving the Coachella Valley for over 30 years. We offer quality
workmanship and specialize in design and construction that has enabled us to withstand the test of time. We
assure you that only the best materials and equipment go into building your pool and spa.

Sure, many pools may only be used a few months out of the year, as well as spa's. However, we offer water
features that can be used throughout the entire year that will be such a valuable addition to ones investment for
their property, family and lifestyle. It only makes Purrfect sense to be considerate toward the overall use that one
can gain with water in their surrounding!

If you are looking for the lowest price in town, then we may not be the company for you. However, if you are
looking for the pool or spa that will serve your needs at an affordable price, then we are the builders for you!

Whether you are an existing pool owner, or simply one who desires a pool of your dreams, Purrfect Pools can
provide you with the opportunity to make your dreams a reality!

Remember, we are the builders that repair and remodel what other pool builders have made.
Dependability and
About Us
Bruce G. Wells
Purrfect Pools and Construction
79130 Starlight Lane
Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203
Bermuda Dunes, CA
Bruce began as a college graduate headed for law school. However, he made a
directional change into the field of Real Estate brokerage. After having dealt
with the rat race of real estate sales, Bruce moved into a quiet existence of pool
maintenance. Shortly thereafter, he began repairs and renovations. As Bruce put
it, ''The guys out there knew no better than to rip off their customers.'' Bruce
knew that what the people really needed was a person that they could trust.

It wasn't long before new pools were being built, as well as single family homes.
Around that time, general contracting also came about.  

Since Bruce entered the pool industry, he has always desired to keep the prices
reasonable. Pricing was the same for gardeners, as well as doctors, ''everyone got
a fair shake!'' Also, staying busy all year round was something Bruce valued.

As long as Bruce can incorporate a water feature into the project, any project is
a favorite of his!
About Bruce G. Wells